Hi! I'm Royce and I love music 
Discovering it.  Listening to it.  Playing it.  Obsessing over it.
I love playing music to people the most and have been 
lucky enough to do it since the 90s, from Perth to NYC.

Guest spots, residencies.  Small, empty, opening bar-spots.  Beer garden, vibe setting goodness. Club heaving, prime time madness. International support, warm up duties. Open air, sunny weather festivals. Weddings, private parties, corporate events
Before all that I regularly recorded mixtapes to share with friends. I still do.  
so here's basically a bunch of my
mixtapes, minidiscs, mixes,
live sets & livestreams
of whatever, from whenever.
Hopefully you find something you like.

Ohh, if you need a DJ, hit me up.. 
..and If its a wedding, hit my alter-ego up!

SAT 11/11/2023 Toots Disco, Northbridge
SAT 18/11/23 The Breakwater, Hillarys
SAT 2/12/23  Private
TUE 5/12/23  FreoSocial, Fremantle
Souls Of Mischief | 93' Till Infinity 30th Anniversary Tour
FRI 8/12/23  Corporate 

SAT 9/12/23  The Breakwater, Hillarys 

SAT 16/12/23  Private

SAT 23/12/23 Toots Disco, Northbridge

SAT 30/12/23 The Breakwater, Hillarys